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Green Building

At Isenhour Homes, we believe that we have a responsibility to our customers, our communities, our team members, as well as the environment.  We strive to reduce environmental impact and focus on energy saving measures, while giving our customers the best value that will last for years to come. Each of our plans have been carefully designed with the most efficient building practices in mind.  Materials are precisely ordered so minimal waste remains. Here are some examples of Green methods and energy efficient products we use to make our homes more Eco Friendly.

• Our Heating and Cooling systems are more than 30% more efficient than systems found in existing homes. Most of our homes have gas furnaces that use less energy to heat your home.  Typically, 13 SEER air conditioners are installed and the internal ductwork is sealed and tested to prevent air leaks making it more efficient than units found in older homes.

• Low E windows are installed on all our homes, keeping heat in during the winter months and keep it out during summer the months resulting in lower energy bills and a more livable home.

• After framing is complete, we use a house wrap that keeps unwanted air infiltration and moisture outside.

• We use Moen Faucets which reduce water usage by up to 30% per year.

• Many of our homes have Pre-Engineered hardwoods which offer greater strength and stability over traditional wood. Large old trees are not needed to produce engineered wood products, so those resources can be conserved. Engineered wood products efficiently use more of the tree, calling on the best qualities of natural wood to gain greater strength and more uniform performance, and less waste.

• Insulating your home helps conserve energy year after year, helping to lower energy costs throughout the life of your home. Fiber glass insulation products we use are made from recycled glass.

• Our Cabinets are manufactured using energy efficient methods for constructing cabinets from recycled products. We buy local, supporting North Carolina based company.

• We use lighting packages that are energy efficient.

• In each of our homes, engineered roof trusses are designed to eliminate deforestation of old growth trees for lumber.

For more information on green products and energy efficiency, please call us at 336.659.8211


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