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Southport, NC...America's Happiest Seaside Town


We couldn't agree more! Coastal Living readers have named Southport, NC as America's Happiest Seaside town! And it's easy to be happy in this waterfront small village. Walk the streets of the historic district, painted with the colors and charm of historic homes and buildings and highlighted by the graceful oaks and the Spanish moss that drips from them. Linger in antique shops and quaint cafes or enjoy a scrumptious seafood dinner featuring the catch of the day.

Isenhour Homes is pleased to be a part of this wonderful community and invites you to learn more about our Southport homes. Check it out the July/August issue of Coastal Living and the links below to catch a glimpse of this lovely town and its people, and be sure to check out the Isenhour Homes website to see what we're offering in Southport, NC. 

Congrats to all who make Southport such a happy and beautiful place in which to live and work. We're proud to be one of your newest residents!

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