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Our Staff

Todd Isenhour

Chief Executive Officer

My personal motto is:  "You make  your own luck."

My favorite thinking spot is: on a hiking trail.

My strangest hobby is:  welding.

The best place I've ever been is:  China.

The one thing I cannot live without is: my WIFE!


Whitney Gifford

President of Operations

Random thought: "Most of life's problems can be solved with more cowbell."

Something about me that you may not know is that: I have MAD trampoline skills.

My favorite time of day is: when my kiddos get excited that I'm home from work.

What's in my fridge: an obsene amount of milk, like I robbed a dairy.

The best place I've ever been is: holding hands with any of my daughters.

Whitney Gifford, President of Operations, has spent over twelve years working for Isenhour Homes.  His professional experience stems from multiple degrees, including a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and a minor in Business Management from Brigham Young University, and a Master’s degree in Construction Management and Real Estate from the University of Denver.  However, Whitney developed his first love for construction while spending time on construction sites with his father and brothers working hard to create something wonderful.  As President of Operations, Whitney spends most of his time handling the business and operational management side of the company, but he enjoys being in the field with the superintendents solving problems.  An added bonus to his job is dealing with plan design and interior design of the homes.  Whitney is very appreciative of both the employees at Isenhour Homes and the customers who choose to build with Isenhour Homes. 

Whitney is extremely happy to have a large family with an amazing wife and lots of kids.  He enjoys spending one on one time with each of them.   He also has many interests including reading, fishing, wood working, and endurance sports like running and cycling. 


Cory Brannock

Sales and Marketing Manager

My personal motto is: Life is too short to not be happy.

Random thought: How much longer can I drive around with my gas light on?

In my fridge, you'll find: leftovers. I'm pretty sure it's where Tupperware goes to die.

You might be suprised to find out that: I could eat Mexican food every single day and never, ever get sick of it!

I'm obessed with: Diet Coke and my iPhone.

Cory Brannock, Sales and Marketing Manager, has enjoyed 12 years as a member of the Isenhour Team. Prior to coming to Isenhour Homes, Cory built a resume in marketing and public relations, service as the director of client relations for a large law firm and oversaw press and media for an outdoor music amphitheater. Cory is excited about the commitment that members of the Isenhour team bring to the organization. She notes that many of the team members have been with Isenhour Homes for over 10 years and she states that the team members work very well together and love what they do. She appreciates the incredible privilege that homeowners allow us by inviting us to be a part of one of their biggest purchases in life.

When she’s not busy overseeing our sales and marketing efforts, Cory can be found at home enjoying time spent with her husband, Jason and their two daughters, along with two boxers to keep them company. If time permits…and we’re not sure that it does…Cory also enjoys reading and cooking.


Bill Walter

Finance Manager

My personal motto is: "Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Colossians 3:17

My favorite pet is: our chickens

I know it's strange but I like: accounting

Something I say a lot is: 'No"

I'm obessed with: eating at the K & W

Bill Walter, Finance Manager, has enjoyed a long professional relationship with Todd Isenhour, including 15 years with Isenhour Homes, as well as an additional 10 years at the company’s outside accountant. Bill brings a considerable depth of experience to the company, having worked with other area builders, developers, building material suppliers and subcontractors prior to joining the Isenhour Team. A licensed CPA, Bill has 10 years of experience in public accounting, working with clients in a wide variety of industries. Bill enjoys those who make up the Isenhour team and appreciates the opportunity to have influence within the organization.

Outside of his Isenhour office, Bill can be found writing and recording music or playing bass in his church’s praise team.

And you may be interested to know that Bill used to be skinny.


John Mallard

Operations Manager - Southport

My inspiration is: Jimmy V. Watching the Jim Valvno speech at the 1993 ESPY Awards ALWAYS inspires me. "Don't give up. Don't ever give up."

Random thought: Where are we going? And what's with this handbasket?

When I look in the mirror I see: that we really need to clean our mirror.

A little something that people might not know about me is: that I'm very particular about how the dishwasher should be loaded.

My obession is: watching "DDD" ("Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives").

John Mallard, Operations Manager, Southport Office – John has been a part of the Isenhour Team for close to three years now.  Prior to joining Isenhour Homes, John was overseeing the “In-House” homebuilding not far down the road for one of our anchor communities, St. James Plantation.  He also spent 14 years on lovely Bald Head Island (off the coast of Southport) building for the developer there.  John is passionate about homebuilding.  He loves how rewarding it is to complete every home, knowing what they started with.  He loves the true team effort with Isenhour Homes and the pride that goes in to building every single home.

When John is away from work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two kids and their dog (oh yeah... and Scooter the hamster too!).  He loves to find time to crank up the tunes, get in the kitchen and pretend to be a gourmet chef!  John is a sports fanatic too (Go Heels/Pats/Sox!!).



Amanda Jackson

Design Coordinator-Winston-Salem

My personal motto is: "If you ain't first, you're last" - Ricky Bobby

I think best: driving in my car.

When I grow up I want to be: a retired grandma that gets to babysit the grandkids every day while their parents are at work.

I know it's strange, but: I cannot have any metal in my mouth, which means I have to eat off of plastic silverware and the dentist has to have special plastic tools for me. I've been this way since middle school.

One thing I can't live without is: candy and cake.



Dantrye Grimes

CAD Manager

When I look in the mirror I see: the strength of the men of my family before me.

My favorite vacation spot is: my couch.

Something I watch way too much is: the Harry Potter marathon on the Family Channel.

The best place I've ever been is: Hawaii. I lived there for years.

The one thing I cannot live without is: my Bible.

Dantrye Grimes, CAD manager, has been with Isenhour Team for 11 years.  He began his career as a blueprint operator and later CAD technician for a Design Build Firm in Pinehurst, NC and private Structural Engineer in Fayetteville, NC while completing his Architectural Technology Degree for 2 years. While attending college in Greensboro, he worked in the GIS department for Guilford County and for a historical architectural firm for 10 years under the tutelage of Architects, Draftsmen, and Engineers specializing in mostly commercial properties.  Dantrye loves the variety involved in the design process to help people realize their dream homes. 

Dantrye can be found at home actually studying and taking classes on design software with his son on his downtime and intellectual discussions with his chef-in-training daughter.  He enjoys every moment with his wife Anne and special “granddaddy privileges” of avoiding “not fun” things with his two granddaughters when they come over.  (If it isn’t fun, granddaddy doesn’t do it!).  He assists with his parents business when times permits.


Gary Smith

Vice President - Construction

My inspiration is: my wife, Mary.

When I look in the mirror I see: someone who looks older than I feel.

The theme song for my life is: "What A Wonderful World."

In my fridge you'll find: Dr. Pepper and ice cream sandwiches.

I can't live without: (besides my wife) my grandfather's Gibson J-45 guitar.



Jeff Robertson

Purchasing & Estimating Manager

I think best: on any open road while riding my motorcycle.

When I look in the mirror I see: my dad with less hair.

My life theme song is: "Eye of the Tiger" from "Rocky."

My favorite vacation spot is: any beach.

My obession is: the Dallas Cowboys (I yell at the TV a lot, thinking that they can hear me).

Estimator Jeff Robertson’s career with Isenhour Homes began in college, when he served as an intern with the company. Since then, he has enjoyed ten years with Isenhour Homes, tackling the challenges of estimating and purchasing. Jeff holds two degrees: a BS in Construction Management and a BS in Industrial Drafting and Design…both from Appalachian State University.  He relishes taking a homeowners’ ideas about how they want a house to look and feel and then bring those ideas to life. Working with the variety of people that interact with Isenhour, particularly the subcontractors and vendors, is something that Jeff enjoys very much.

Outside of the office, Jeff can be found woodworking, especially when he has an opportunity to make something new from old materials. Jeff also puts his contractor’s license to good use when not at Isenhour through his involvement in the Wounded Warrior Project, remodeling houses for veterans that have lost limbs while in service. Jeff remodeled the Fort Bragg home of Travis Mills, a veteran who lost all four limbs and whose story was depicted in the movie, “A Soldier’s Story”.

And a side note…Jeff is newly married!


Lynn Furner

Custom Project Manager

I know it sounds strange but: I try to think myself into shape.

In my desk drawer you'll find: Atomic Fireballs and the secret to life! (just'll only find the Atomic Fireballs)

Something I say a lot is: "Golly!"

My perfect vacation spot is: a 40 degree slope, 2' of fluff, fat boards, blue skies, and all to myself!

Something you may not know about me is that: I'm a "Star Trek: Next Generation" nerd.

Lynn Furner has been with the Isenhour team for over three years as the custom project manager and a purchasing and estimating specialist. Lynn’s residential construction career began almost 20 years ago as a framing carpenter in Indianapolis. After moving to the triad, Lynn had the pleasure of working for several of the top custom builders in the area before landing at Isenhour Homes. His knowledge comes from many years of hands on experience ranging from sweeping floors to full project builds. His portfolio ranges from first time homes, remodeling, multi-million-dollar estate homes, and light commercial projects.

When he’s not in the office, Lynn is out and about trying not to crash on his mountain bike, channeling his inner Michael Phelps, and partaking of as many legal, lawful, and moral shenanigans as possible. 


Marisa Renegar-Smith

AutoCAD/Revit Technician

My personal motto is: "Cowboy UP!"

In my desk drawer you'll find: animal crackers.

When I grow up I want to be: a federal park ranger.

The best place I've ever been is: at home with my hubby.

One thing I can't live without is: freedom.

Marisa Renegar-Smith began this adventure in Architecture, while still attending college, at North Carolina Baptist Hospital in their Engineering Department as the hospital’s only Draftsman (practicing, what is now, the lost art of drafting by hand).  After obtaining an Associate’s degree in Architectural Technology, she has “worn many hats” and even gone back to college twice to stay on top of developing technology in her chosen field.  She has served as a Facilities Planner for one of the world’s largest nuclear piping companies, Design Engineer for the south east’s largest commercial foodservice supplier, Domestic Security and Fire Protection Officer and Chief Control Room Operator for one of the nation’s top tobacco companies and manages her own design and consulting firm.  Marisa joined Isenhour Homes in 2014 and is currently enjoying a position as an AutoCAD/Revit Technician and being an integral part of the Isenhour Team.

Marisa and her husband, Kevin, live on a farm and enjoy time spent together with their horses.  They will be looking for a new German Sheppard puppy in the spring to “babysit” everybody.


Matt Troutman

CAD Designer/Revit Technician

I think best: on the lake with a fishing rod in my hand.

Random thought: "Do what is right...not what is easy."

My life theme song is: "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

My favorite time of day is: daybreak.

My obession is: golf.

Matt Troutman, Revit/Cad Designer, started with Isenhour Homes in October 2013.  Matt has been in the design and construction profession for 8 years after graduating with a degree in Architectural Technology/Digital Imaging.  He brings architectural knowledge and design experience from residential, commercial and post/beam construction.  Matt enjoys working through structural and design challenges to provide construction documents that yield high quality homes.

Outside of the office, Matt loves spending time with his wife Kristen and daughter Evelyn.  He greatly appreciates the balance Isenhour Homes encourages between work and home life.  When time permits, he also enjoys fishing, hunting, sporting clays and golf. 


Randy Songer

Site Superintendent

When I grow up I want to be: what and who God wanted me to be.

In my fridge you'll find: vegetables that my wife makes me eat.

You may not know that: I've been teaching martial arts for 27 years.

One thing I can't live without is: my wife.

My obession is: wanting to hear people laugh.

Randy Songer, licensed contractor for Isenhour Homes, has been in the construction business for over 40 years. 

Randy has many hobbies which include riding motorcycles, enjoying competitive shooting with his sons, and teaching martial arts which he has been doing for 36 years. Randy loves spending time with his family, his wife, two sons who are married, and his two grandchildren.


Rhonda Cheyne

Office Manager - Winston Salem

My personal motto is: "Let go and let God."

Random thought: "I don't camp. Ever."

My favorite pet: is my rescued dogs, Beau, Sheba, and Lovey. They are insane, but they give me joy and pure, unconditional love.

In my fridge, you'll find: hummus, olives, and avocados.

The one movie I watch way too much is: "Ace Ventura Pet Detective." It makes me laught every time.

Rhonda Cheyne has been with the company since 1995 except for a 3 ½ year period when her family moved to Florida.  When she came back to North Carolina she got her old job back and has been here ever since!  Throughout the years she has done a little bit of everything from front desk duties and managing the office to accounts payable and construction administration.  Whatever needs to be done.  She enjoys helping all her “people” to make their jobs a little easier.  With so many long time employees in the company it really feels like a family.  When new people join the team they are quickly absorbed into the family as well. 

When not at work Rhonda spends her time with her husband, Gary, and their three children, four grandchildren, four large dogs, and one remaining cat.  She likes to listen to audio books, work with the nursing home ministry at her church, and tries hard to be the person God wants her to be.




Sam Rhodes

Site Superintendent

My personal motto is: be productive.

Random thought: Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

Something I say a lot is: "Be productive!"

My life theme song is: "Happy"

In my fridge, you'll find: milk.

Sam Rhodes has enjoyed working with the award winning Isenhour team for 10 years and meeting every new homeowner in person has brought great reward, plenty of experience, many friends, and great memories. 



Valerie Earman

Design Coordinator-Southport

My favorite pet is:  Sparky Sparks; my little 19 year-old dog with a severe overbite.

My strangest hobby is:  yoga.

In my desk drawer, you'd find:  many Taco Bell sauce packets and chap sticks.

In my fridge, you'd find:  smoothie ingredients.

Movie I watch way too much is:  Elf.

Valerie Earman joined the Isenhour Team as the Office Coordinator for our Southport location. She has since moved into the Design Coordinator role where she guides clients through the customization process of building their future home. Valerie is grateful for the opportunities her role allows her to build close relationships with clients and to use her creative side each day.

In her free time, Valerie loves spending time outdoors. Her favorite activities include hiking, camping, boating, cooking, and riding bicycles throughout Southport with her husband, Michael.


Scott Isenhour

Business Developer

My personal motto is: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

My favorite thinking spot is: the beach.

The best place I've ever been is: Talkeetna, Alaska.

Something about me you may not know is: I killed a bear with my bow.

My favorite time of day is: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Scott Isenhour, Business Developer, has been in the residential contractor/construction business for about 17 years, most of it with Isenhour Homes. He is committed to making customers feel confident that they are making the right decisions as they go through the process of building their coastal dream home.

Scott spends most of his free time outdoors, whether it's on the beach surf fishing or in the mountains hiking, hunting or camping. And of course spending time with his beautiful wife Sheri or his 6 grandchildren mean more to him than anything else.  


Daniel Sexton

Site Superintendent

My personal motto is: Always give 100 percent.

My favorite thinking spot is: in my workshop.

The best place I’ve ever been was: Costa Rica

Random thoughts: That’s a nice truck.

My favorite pet is: My dog Gus.

Something I say a lot is: What’s up knuckle head!


Mary Beth Deal

Office Manager - Southport

My personal motto is: to always try to be kind to others.

My favorite thinking spot is: on the beach.

The one thing I cannot live without is: Prayer.

Something about me we may not know is: that I own a Harley.

My favorite pet is: all 5 of my 4-legged babies: Scooter, Snoopy, Nelle-Belle, Miss Pibbles & Chico.

Mary Beth Deal, Construction Coordinator – Southport joined the Isenhour team in September 2016. Prior to coming to Isenhour Homes, Mary Beth worked for home builders in the triad area for 14 years and for Guilford County as a Building and Zoning tech for 2 years. Mary Beth is very excited and feels truly blessed to be a part of the Isenhour team because of the strong teamwork, commitment, dedication, support and core values of the team and organization as a whole. She appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the construction process of a home for new homeowners and seeing their excitement and joy when their new home is complete. It never gets old and is very rewarding to see the finished product and know that it is someone’s home….whether is their full-time residence or a beautiful vacation home near the sea.

When she is not busy with her construction coordinator duties, Mary Beth enjoys spending time with her husband Terry and her 5 dogs that are her 4-legged children. Her favorite place is Oak Island and she enjoys long walks on the beach with her sister and a beautiful Oak Island sunset as often as she can. Mary Beth believes that every day is a gift from God and we should all try to enjoy every minute and appreciate the beauty in all things, accept people as they are and love freely.


Garrett Isenhour

Estimating - Southport

My strangest hobby is: aquatic entomology.

The best place you’ve ever been is: Mongolia.

The one thing I cannot live without is: my fly rods.

My favorite time of day is:  before sunrise.

In my fridge, you'll find: an unusually large of amount of chicken and fishing bait.


Mario Hoyos

Site Superintendant

My personal motto is: Build it as if it were your own.

The best place I’ve ever been is: Scotland.

One thing I cannot live without is: family.

My favorite time of day is: sunrise (God’s new day).

Something I say a lot is: Turn off the lights.

Mario Hoyos, Superintendent for Isenhour Homes, has had the pleasure of building green homes for many families. Mario has been building homes since he was 18 years old.  He believes the best part of building homes is seeing the satisfaction of homeowners. Mario prides himself in building every home as if it were his own. Before working for Isenhour Homes, Mario worked for DR Horton Homes in Florida for 15 years and then moved to North Carolina to work as a building inspector for Davidson County.

On Mario's time off he enjoys spending time with his family, his wife and two boys.  He and his family are very much into scouting.  Mario is also apart of the Knights of Columbus of the Catholic Church which helps many charities.


Mike Sigmon

Customer Service and Quality Manager

My personal motto is: Work hard, play hard.

My strangest hobby is: watching women’s soccer.  I love their moxie.

The best place I’ve ever been to: is without a doubt Tropic of Cancer beach in the Exumas.

The one thing I cannot live without: Besides my wife and daughter, it’s definitely college football.

Something you may not know about me: I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mike Sigmon, our Warranty Manager, has worked in the construction industry at some form or another ever since I was 15 years old, summers while I was in high school and throughout college including any breaks during the year. I received a BS degree in business management from Appalachian State University in 1989. Upon graduating from Appalachian State I immediately went to work in sales for Ferguson Enterprises Inc.  where I had most recently held a position as builder outside sales for the Winston-Salem market selling plumbing, lighting and appliances. Recently I began to look for an opportunity to work for a company who treated its teammates as a family and a place where I felt I could make a difference. Isenhour Homes was that perfect fit and I'm grateful to be part of such a wonderful team.




Brad Brintnall

Site Superintendent

My personal motto is: Do the right thing.

My favorite thinking spot is: in my truck.

One thing I cannot live without are: my grandkids.

Random thoughts? Where is the baby!

My favorite pet is: my Great Dane, Ruby.

Brad Brintnall began his work experience in Winston-Salem in 1976 and has been a part of constructing over 1,000 homes.


Corinna Carlton

Executive Assistant

My personal motto is: “Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

My favorite thinking spot is: on any beach.  I love the beach!

One thing I cannot live without: – Dr. Pepper.  OK two things – Dr. Pepper and flip flops.

Random thoughts? Let’s go to the beach!  My brain hurts; it needs to go to the beach!  My big toe is telling me that it needs to be buried in sand at the beach!

My favorite time of day is: nap time.

Corinna Carlton, Executive Assistant, came to Isenhour Homes in December 2016, after working over 13 years as an office administrator at a local school.  Prior to that, she worked 10 years in the International Department of Wachovia Bank.  Wanting a change of pace (and less germs), she left the school and is thrilled to be a part of the Isenhour Homes family.  She brings her organizational skills and attention to detail to the company, and we are fortunate to have her.

When Corinna is not glued to her desk and computer, she can be found spending time with her husband (AKA hunky monkey), visiting her grown sons, going to the beach, taking naps, watching sports, and baking.



Shawn Hobbs

Site Superintendent


Alex Ryan

Site Superintendent

Personal Motto:     Do it right the first time.

One thing I cannot live without:     Coffee

I'm obsessed with:     Riding and racing my bicycle across the country

Favorite thinking spot:     In the woods on a trail

In my fridge:     Ketchup....lots of ketchup



Greg Eidal


Personal Motto:     If you make a mistake, be honest about it and learn from it.

Favorite Thinking Spot:     The pier by my house

Strangest Hobby:     High-powered model rocketry

Can't live Without:     My wife and her cooking

Favorite Time of Day:     After my first cup of coffee


Don Deibler

Personal Motto:     Don't do anything that your Mom wouldn't want to read in the newspaper

Favorite thinking spot:     Sitting in a beach chair while watching the ocean

Something you may no know about me:   I rode a fire truck for 40 years, so the building industry stress doesn't faze me.

Favorite time of day:     Watching a summertime sunset...preferably from the beach or a pier

Favorite pet:     Any of the dogs I've had in my life